About Ballistic Market

"Is this product 'keto'?"

That's one of the top questions we hear all the time, from both newcomers and veteran ketogenic folks and everyone in between.

Now, we always preface by saying that you don't need pre-packaged products to improve your wellness, but there are some pretty delicious and delightful treats out there that can be a part of a balanced ketogenic lifestyle.

But which ones?

A product may say it's keto or keto-friendly, or even have "keto" somewhere in the brand name. You know the story: Excited, you snatch it off the shelf, throw it in your cart, and only after you've paid and taken it home, do you peruse the ingredients to find cornstarch, honey, agave, rice flour, or any of the other less-than-keto ingredients. Or it's got 32 g of carbs in a single serving (usually hand-waved off with a promise of 1 g net carb once you subtract sugar alcohols and plant fibers).

It's confusing and a lot to watch out for! As the ketogenic lifestyle takes to the main stream, we predict this problem will get bigger, not smaller!

With all of that, believe us, we get it that folks want someone else to say "Yes" or "No" for them. There are food lists out there, but because products are coming and going and changing all the time, those lists go out of date quickly.

So we decided to do something about it!

Our latest resource is a directory of hand-selected products to support your health and wellness.

Ballistic Market is an ongoing project to curate the best and most trusted keto-inspired products that fit our strict criteria for what will serve your healthy, well-formulated keto lifestyle.

We will continuously add new brands and new products to the site. If you sign up for the Ballistic Market newsletter, you will receive weekly updates of what exciting new listings have been added.

If you already use a trusted brand you're confident meets our criteria, we invite you to Contact Us and suggest it for inclusion in the market. By providing leads you will help us expand this directory even faster and support the brands that stick to the foundations of ketogenic eating!